Covid Chess Set

It's A Wrapper


A suspended animated portrait of modern American civil unrest.


In a tumultuous, catastrophic, and deadly year, the Covid Chess Set is a lively portrayal of 2020 unfolding chaotically before our eyes. Each meticulously crafted figure is posed on the stage of a chess set mirroring real individuals, elected officials, first responders, and essential workers in a deadly game of us versus them.

A portrait of modern America in 2020, the players of this set reflect the ironic division of the name: United States. The powerfully rendered pieces stand in a shouting match of seeming opposition–patients encased in test tubes, protestors seeking justice, individuals waving flags, puppet politicians fanning the flames, the invisible hands who moves us all around, and an essential worker with a mop and bucket cleaning up the mess we leave behind. In a year as divided as 2020, Covid Chess Set is a poignant reminder of the grotesque and heroic humanity that we all share.

That’s a wrap:
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