Lyndon j. Barrois Sr.

Visual Effects Pro & Academy member

Award-Winning Director, Animator, Unreal Fellowship graduate, and Visual Effects Pro. The only person on the planet creating humanistic sculptures from chewing gum wrappers and then bringing them to life through stop-motion animation.

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Animation On A Mission

It’s A Wrapper Films is a world-class production studio with a mission to elevate and empower. Through socially-conscious filmmaking, we collaborate with exceptional brands and individuals to help push the boundaries for stories that are diverse and meaningful.

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Animation with flavor
made from gum wrappers

Covid Chess Set

It's A Wrapper

Sportrait of Kobe

It's A Wrapper Exhibit


For Freedoms Project

Monologue with
Ta-Nehisi Coates

Topic Magazine

Outside of This Town



LACMA's permanent collection

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