It's A Wrapper Film


2nd year graduate piece from California Institute of the Arts with voiceover by legendary American sportscaster, Todd Donaho.


Trenchwars is a recreation of Superbowl history memorializing a pivotal play in XVI that gave the San Francisco 49’ers their first win, which in turn launched a superbowl dynasty run. I replicated classic NFL footage starting with a pass and including wide angles and closeup shots, all of which are familiar to the average football fan.

An ambitious piece early in my career, I created Trenchwars during my second year as a graduate student at CalArts with 62 individually hand-painted figures to include on- and off-fieldmen, referees, and even cameramen. Originally shot on 32mm film, this piece took the better part of one year to conceptualize, develop, and bring to fruition. Only when shooting was complete did I notice a recurring flicker in the film, which meant the whole film had to be discarded and shot again from the beginning.


That’s a wrap:
Behind the scenes

Trenchwars Production Gallery